Groom's and 3-D Cakes
Groom's cakes can be regular sheet or round cakes, or can be shaped like
an actual object. Prices are determined by the final shape and serving count
of the cake, with 3-D cakes having a
minimum charge of $200 due to the
time-intensive work involved in making them.
I only do groom's cakes for
those clients who have bought their wedding cake from me as well.

(See my FAQ page for more information on this subject.)
UVA Wahoo Cake
University of Texas
Longhorn Cake
Texas A&M
Bonfire cake
Traditional Styles
Basketweave with
sugared fruit and a
vintage topper
bows and
Virginia Tech Hokie
with golf clubs
4 views of a LOST cake
Two views of a Johnny Cash
album cake- The album is stack
of records is cake.
Two views of a kissing otter cake
Watch a  time-lapse movie of
the otter cake being made at
Richmond Time Lapse
(It's the second cake on the
Star Trek Communicator cake
Because of copyright restrictions on college and professional
team logos, I check with each organization individually before
making cakes using those images. Please call to ask if I have
arrangements with the college or team that you're looking for!

Custom wedding cakes Richmond VA
cheeseburger with fried egg groom's cake
VT Hokie stadium cake
honeybadger cake